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Who are we? Who are we?

Traditionally prepared croquettes, bursting with flavour

Food and flavour are of paramount importance to Johan and his family. After a long career working abroad, Johan decided to settle in Belgium. It was at this point that croquettes came into his life. He has always been eager to develop his product knowledge and improve his croquettes. One thing was clear from the outset: every croquette must have the same crispy coating – something you can only achieve through artisanal preparation. He went in search of the perfect ratio of breadcrumbs to other ingredients and opted for packaging in recyclable boxes – something that many people found difficult to comprehend ten years ago.

Sustainability and expertise have always been key values for Johan. We hunted down traditional recipes and called on the expert assistance of two culinary icons to create unique flavours.

Our experienced team hopes the next generation will be equally passionate about croquettes and high-quality and sustainable entrepreneurship. Johan’s two sons can’t wait to develop other delicious and surprising delicacies.