‘De Kroketterie’

by Amuse Croque

These artisanal croquettes are made with excellent locally grown and seasonal ingredients, prepared with love and respect for tradition and good taste. The croquettes “De Kroketterie” by Amuse Croque make a tasty appetiser for a party or reception and are a great find for the creative chef looking for an authentic product! Connoisseurs prefer the products of ‘De Kroketterie’ by Amuse Croque. An artisanal product is made of the best ingredients without any added taste enhancers, thickening agents or preservatives. You can certainly taste the difference! You will not find any products more natural than those of ‘De Kroketterie’ by Amuse Croque. As a consequence there may be a slight difference in taste between each preparation but certainly not in quality. In order to achieve the best fine and crispy coating, we searched for the optimal quantity of breadcrumbs. To obtain the unique flavour we relied on the expert assistance of several professional chefs and some traditional old recipes. As for appearance, taste and consistency our croquettes can easily compete with Grandma’s homemade ones. You’ll want to lick your fingers and thumbs! ‘De Kroketterie’ by Amuse Croque will only be satisfied with the very best. We adhere to the strictest norms of food hygiene and safety and are always aware of the latest quality and production standards. Our motto: as artisanal as possible, as modern as necessary. Have you tried our latest mealworm and cricket croquettes? They are all the rage right now and certainly worth a try!